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How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

Long, healthy natural hair is non-negotiable. You need hair that is devoid of dandruff, lice, folliculitis, and other issues that produce discomfort. But how to get long healthy hair naturally…

Best Hair Care Products

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Turmeric For Hair Growth

All men were created equal, but not all spices. Turmeric has the upper hand and could be dubbed ‘king of spices,’ especially in the rhizomes family. It has proven its…

Body Wave Perm Guide

Just as every other 80’s and 90’s fashion and style ensembles are making a comeback into our current trends, perms have also made it to the list. But this time,…

How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

Some people celebrate gray hair as a sign of maturity and wisdom in some cultures or society, especially in adults above 50. In fact, adults in such environments are usually…

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