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Does Sweat Cause Hair Loss?

Does sweat really cause hair loss? Well, it might surprise you, but the answer is yes. While sweating does have some health benefits, too much of it can be harmful…

Does Sweat Make Your Hair Grow?

We all know the embarrassing aspect of sweating, but does it stimulate hair growth? Losing your hair can be so worrisome and terrifying, especially if you’re losing a large amount…

Does Exercise Make Your Hair Grow?

Exercise, the same thing most people often avoid in order to protect their hair from sweats. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “about 45% of black women avoid…

How to Cover Bald Spots with Makeup

As someone who has suffered from baldness in the past, I perfectly understand what it feels like to have those bald spots. Apart from it affecting one’s self-esteem, hair loss…

Best Shampoo for Teenage Greasy Hair

Nothing dampens teenage hair like grease. According to medical experts, there are several reasons why teenage hair can be greasy. Always styling or coloring your locks with high-intensity heat may…

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