Bald Head Treatment: How To Stop Hair Loss & Baldness at Home With Aloe Vera Gel

Glossy, moisturized, well-textured, healthy hair! All thanks to the power of Aloe Vera. Now, you can heave a sigh of relief because your hairs that have been pulling off and giving you sleepless nights now have a solution. The baldness can now be reversed and your hair assured of re-growing naturally.

Are you losing your hair fast as a result of baldness that has gradually crept into your hair? Are you looking for the best bald head treatment? A steady unexplainable hair loss can lead to loss of your normal look and create a dent in your self-esteem.

But, with us, that will never happen to you. We make sure you are equipped with the right information that will enable you get over the problem as soon as possible.

Aloe Vera remains a tried and proven natural remedy used over the centuries for the treatment of balding.Going for other products in the market can leave a hole in your pocket sometimes. But Aloe Vera is quite affordable. Besides, it is natural and also safe for your hairs.

So, how should it be used in stopping hair loss? The following steps are all you need to be able to use this wonder plant the right way.

1. Get examined by a doctor

There are several disease conditions that can affect your hair and cause baldness. In order for you to know what exactly is causing your hair loss, you need to see a doctor who will examine you and make a diagnosis.

The possible things that can lead to hair loss include drug reaction, scalp infection, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, or other health problems. It has worked perfectly in the management of hair loss in men, women and children.

Once the right diagnosis is made, you can then proceed to the next step.

2. Apply Aloe Vera gel


You can easily get this from any cosmetics, health, and natural foods store or online. Apply the Aloe Vera gel directly to the scalp of the balding hair. The plant has no side effects, as such, it is well tolerated by a lot of people. 

The plant has a natural enzyme that stimulates​ hair growth. This will encourage new hairs to grow in those areas where hairs are being lost.

3. Use Aloe Vera shampoo

Aloe Vera gel is not the only known solution to your hair and baldness problem. The use of Aloe Vera shampoo is equally helpful in combating the hair loss and helping new hairs to grow. To constitute the shampoo, mix Aloe Vera gel with coconut milk and wheat germ oil. Use the shampoo on your hair as often as you wish.


4. Use Aloe Vera lotion

Aloe Vera lotion plays a great role in revitalizing the hair and scalp, thereby helping to prevent hair loss and assisting the hair to grow faster. Aloe Vera lotion can be used alone or in combination with Aloe Vera gel.

5. Add a balanced diet


In order for you to get a better result, you can add a balance diet with low fat and low protein content to the Aloe Vera regimen. You must avoid diets that are high in animal proteins and fats, as they usually lead to several medical reactions which bring about hair loss.


Aloe Vera has been used over the centuries to add luster and gloss to hairs. It remains one of the natural products for preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. Simply try our advice listed above and your baldness would be a thing of the past in a matter of few weeks.

Over to you

Have you ever suffered hair loss or baldness? How did you handle the situation? Kindly share your experience with us as your experience could go a long way in providing hope to a lot of people here.