Ultrax Labs Hair Lush Review (Effective Hair Product)

ultrax labs hair lush review
Hair is one of the crowning glories of a man or woman. Some cultures regard a thick head of hair as the child-bearing abilities of a woman and the potency of a man. So, it is not surprising when people begin to panic whenever...

How to Block DHT and Regrow Hair Naturally

How to Block DHT and Regrow Hair Naturally
A major issue faced by many people is the challenge of how to block DHT and regrow hair naturally. Hair loss can be downright disheartening, surprising, and frustrating. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t give you stress because, with the right treatment, you can stop hair loss while...

Best Shampoo For Scalp Psoriasis Review

Best Shampoo For Scalp Psoriasis
If you have experienced scalp psoriasis, you will know that it is not something funny. They don’t just affect the scalp but extend beyond the hairline. At times, you may see flakes of skin on your shoulders or hair. In this article, we took our...

How to Remove DHT From Scalp Naturally (Practical Solution)

How to remove DHT From Scalp Naturally
DHT in your scalp can be really frustrating. It is the primary cause of hair loss in many people that are struggling with hair loss. This hormone is responsible for female and male pattern baldness. With millions of people fighting the menace of hair loss,...

How To Make Minoxidil Solution For Hair Loss Treatment

How To Make Minoxidil Solution
Minoxidil solution and foam are used in treating male pattern baldness and helps in hair growth. The solution isn’t used for badness at the front of the scalp. However, the scalp in combination with 2% of minoxidil solution helps in hair growth in women...

11 Natural Foods that Reduce DHT in Scalp

Foods that Reduce DHT in Scalp
If you’re looking for some of the proven natural foods that reduce DHT in the scalp, this post is meant for you. It may interest you to know that DHT ranks among the most prevalent causes of hair loss in most people. If you have...

Hair Loss During Pregnancy | Causes and Remedy

Hair Loss and Pregnancy
Whoa! You really look like a monster! what has happened to your full, shiny, long, beautiful hair? These are words you don’t want to hear from friends and relatives. Do you? Unfortunately, they are the kind of things people will say the moment you begin to...

Best Styling Products For Thin Hair Men & Women

Best Styling Products For Thin Hair Men and women
One of the best things you’ll do for yourself right now is to get any of these best styling products for thin hair men and women. You might be wondering why I made such statements but listen to me first… Everyone always desires to look...

Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Women
Give me 3-minutes, and I’ll show you some of the best natural hair loss treatment for women that has proven to work for many. Hair loss in women is basically a common condition which can result in lots of uncomfortable states and emotional distress. It...

Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia +Treatments

What do you understand as hair loss and Alopecia? We think about hair loss as having a single cause or displaying in a unique manner, but there are differences between the sexes and how hair loss presents itself. Let’s explore deeper. What is Alopecia? The medical term Alopecia...