Quick Question: Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Have you ever heard the saying that smokers are liable to die young? Is your rate of smoking beginning to worry you of recent? You may have heard from one or two persons that smoking leads to hair loss.

This is a topic that generates a lot of controversies among people who are interested in knowing whether there is a connection between baldness and smoking.

If you are interested in this issue too, follow up as we’ll use this article to inform you whether there is a connection between the two or not.

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss | The fact

Does smoking Cause Hair Loss

The fact is that smoking may contribute significantly to hair loss. On its way to the lungs, cigarette smoke passes the bloodstream.

The circulatory system then circulates the smoke throughout the body which exposes the body cells to over 400 different hazardous chemicals and gasses in the cigarette smoke. These toxic chemicals affect the body parts and, the follicles are not exempted from their effects.

How Smoking Causes Hair Loss

Below are the various ways that smoking can cause hair loss:

1. Smoking leads to reduced blood circulation

Hair follicles depend on a good supply of oxygen and other essential nutrients for high performance. The absence of these essential nutrients causes hair loss.

During smoking, cigarette smoke is laced with the harmful carbon dioxide which reduces the flow of blood to the scalp to the barest minimum. Due to this limited supply of blood, the performance of follicles is reduced, leading to hair loss.

2. It leads to stunted cell growth

A polluted environment is never ideal for the growth of hair cells. Instead of using the necessary nutrients to support hair growth, our body will deploy these nutrients to fight the harmful effect of cigarette smokes on the body. Thus, hair loss is given a free rein to operate.

3. Smoking leads to poor health

Contrary to the impression created by cigarette makers and their marketers, smoking has no cooling effects on the human body.

Rather, smokers are susceptible to slow death. It weakens the body’s metabolic system, exposing it to a wide variety of illnesses as the immune system is weakened. Some important systems of the body may stop functioning due to the effects of cigarette smoke.

When all these systems either stop functioning or function below average, it affects the hair follicles. It becomes difficult for hair follicles to perform their function of supporting hair growth.

4. It damages hair follicle’s DNA

Smoking produces some genotoxicants that are powerful enough to completely damage the DNA of hair follicles. When the DNA is damaged, natural hair growth becomes relatively impossible. This will lead to hair loss.

5. It has pro-oxidant effects

These effects can lead to the production and release of some pro-inflammatory chemicals, such as cytokines, into the body. When this happens, the follicles will be subjected to micro-inflation which is against proper hair growth.

6. It causes imbalance

Smoking also causes an imbalance in the protease/anti-protease systems of the follicles. Subsequently, the hair growth cycle will be affected adversely, leading to gradual hair loss.

All these are pointers to the fact that smoking can cause hair loss. However, the effects of smoking on hair loss are more pronounced in young people than adults where smoking combines with other factors like work pressure to wreck havoc on smokers’ hair

I am sure you love your youthful age and also your life. If you really do, then consider putting a stop to smoking, because apart from leading to baldness, it also has the capacity to shorten your lifespan.

I will love to know your thoughts on this. Let’s talk more about it in the comment section.

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