The Inevitability of Hair Loss

Life comes with many changes. Some planned, some unexpected, others inevitable. Time marches on; where there is love, there is heartbreak, and the high demands of success sometimes end in the hard-won lessons of failure. Inevitably there are taxes to pay.

The complexities of youth and beauty face many challenges over time too. Heredity and the forces of gravity, free radicals, cell oxidation, and exposure to the environment wreak havoc on the cellular level. Skin and hair struggle regularly to maintain a healthy balance. Folexin, a professionally formulated hair loss supplement, supports hair growth naturally and provides a nourishing blend of nutrients, herbs and vitamins, essential to maintain the vitality of skin, hair and nails.

Whether genetics or adverse reactions to these destructive environmental forces are the culprits, hair loss is an evolutionary reaction of the body’s response to hormonal imbalance. And while the aging process tends to reduce the amount of hydration, decrease elasticity and firmness, wrinkling the skin, for many who are genetically predisposed, permanent hair loss, of some sort, is also inevitable.


  • Support for thick, strong, healthy hair.
  • Support for your hair’s natural growth process.
  • High-quality ingredients, third party tested.

The body depends on a combination of many protein building blocks at different cellular levels to function correctly. A balanced diet, daily exercise, routine self-care, and taking natural supplements to stay focused, energized, and to remain at optimal health. Hair is a tough protein called keratin. The end of each hair growing out from the body has a larger end called a hair bulb. The hair bulb is responsible for dividing and growing cells, building strong keratin bonds to form the hair shaft and follicle proteins. Each hair on the body grows in three phases. Natural Folexin helps support the hair through each individual phase, in turn, helping to keep the hair and scalp at optimal health.

Luckily we discovered Folexin. Folexin is highly rated across the web, and large blog sites about hair loss, such as Hair Loss Geeks and Lady Alopecia, are raving about Folexin.

Folexin Review

3 Phases of Hair Growth (& Loss)

The lifecycle of human hair grows in three phases. Understanding these phases is essential when considering any hair growth product for hair loss. Hair loss doesn’t occur all at once across the entire surface of the scalp. Tracking hair growth phases and hair loss is beneficial when researching the best hair loss treatment.

ANAGEN phase – Cell division and hair growth occurs in this phase. Usually, between 2 to 6 years, up to 90% of all hair growth occurs continually in the anagen phase. The Anagen phase is driven by genetics, so the time it takes for the hair to grow in this phase is predisposed by an individual’s DNA.

CATAGEN phase – Signalling the end of a hair’s growth in the anagen phase, this is a short-lived, “resting” phase – between 2 or 3 weeks – in which the hair transitions and becomes a club hair, releasing itself from the body’s blood flow and cells that grow new hair.

TELOGEN phase – During this stationary phase, the hair releases from the follicle and falls out. The telogen phase occurs independently and in staggered stages across the surface of the scalp.

Folexin for Hair Loss

While most hair loss is genetic, other factors and influences, such as illness, trauma, pregnancy, puberty, hormonal changes, diet, and lifestyle changes can contribute to hair loss. Hair loss is a natural biological process, and as such, treating hair loss naturally may have better results.

Healthy hair grows between a quarter to a half-inch per month. During the three hair growth phases, Folexin’s natural ingredients, including vitamins, botanical extracts, and herbs, balance and support the natural hair growth process while nourishing the hair follicles, bulb to tip. Natural Folexin hair loss supplement literally supports your hair’s natural growth process. Because the ingredients are all natural!

Folexin’s Professional Formula

Folexin is a professional formula of natural nutritional ingredients that host several benefits. Environmental elements like smog, chlorine, and UV rays, and habits like smoking and drinking alcohol continually attack the hair and scalp. Pores in the skin become clogged which can lead to dandruff, and painful damage to the hair’s root. Hair is prone to breakage and dryness. Folexin provides optimal hair nutrition for optimal health and supports the strength and integrity of hair and scalp.

Just two capsules per day with food and the benefits go far beyond promoting healthy hair care and restoration. The nourishing and beneficial ingredients in Folexin include:

Biotin – The Keratin invigorator! Also known as B7 or Vitamin H, Biotin is a water-soluble and easily absorbed vitamin which converts food into energy. It helps keep skin, hair, eyes, liver, and the nervous system healthy. Biotin works with sulfur in the body to support and promote the hair growth phases and support healthy nails and skin.

Fo-Ti – This herb comes from a climbing plant native to China. It is also called Ho-Shou-wu and nourishes the blood, liver, and kidneys. Besides offering a boost of energy Fo-Ti is excellent for overall hair and nail health.

Proprietary blend – The natural blend of herbs in Folexin includes PABA to reduce discoloration, L-tyrosine HCL for nerve cell communication, and Horsetail extract to improve circulation to hair follicles. Bamboo (silica) to strengthen hair, Nettle Root anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to reduce scalp damage, Peony promotes hair growth, Alfalfa to prevent oxidative stress, Spirulina to moisturize the scalp, and Barley Grass to encourage cell division.

Rounding out the list of natural ingredients in Folexin are Vitamins A for cell growth and C for collagen and protein production, Calcium to produce structural components, Iron to activate essential B vitamins, Magnesium for hair follicle growth, and Zinc tissue repair. Folexin also contains a fair amount of Vitamin E to prevent the damaging effects of cell oxidation and free radicals.

Fighting the Good Fight

The age that an individual starts to lose their hair is a code embedded in the zipper of their DNA at birth. Over time, as a person ages, cell reproduction and division begins to slow in the hair bulb. Eventually, the hair follicle, no longer able to thrive, releases itself and sheds. Many natural alternatives to regrow hair, address hair follicles, at the hair bulb, before shedding, and include stimulating them by supplying light or vitamins and minerals.


  • Support for thick, strong, healthy hair.
  • Support for your hair’s natural growth process.
  • High-quality ingredients, third party tested.

People that experience hair loss are willing to try just about anything – surgeries, blood injections, follicle cloning, hair plugs, tattoos, creams and lotions, wigs, laser treatments, even the dreaded, but most affordable, “comb-over” – to keep sections of bald or thinning patches of hair on the scalp, looking “normal” and “natural” where shiny, healthy hair once sprouted.

But, not every scalp is the same. Not every hair loss treatment is necessarily safe and effective. Many hair loss treatments aren’t natural. Some can irritate, others are invasive, and require time to heal. Still, others can have adverse side effects. If a more natural hair growth alternative is appealing, Folexin, a natural hair growth supplement, might be the solution. When it comes to hair loss, Folexin fights the good fight, naturally.

Folexin helps to reverse hair loss and promote natural hair growth by supplying the hair bulb and follicles, a proprietary blend of herbs with Biotin and Fo-Ti. Folexin is a professionally formulated natural hair supplement that promotes thick, strong, healthy hair, supports the physical quality of human hair, and helps aid in the development of keratin and proteins vital to hair strength and vitality.

In April 2017, Healthline published an article stating, “Keratin is a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. It’s clear that biotin improves your body’s keratin infrastructure.[1]” Two Folexin capsules daily contain 600mcg of Biotin to improve the hair’s keratin framework.

Face it, Hair Loss Happens.

Folexin Review

For 1 in 5 humans, hair loss is inevitable. Although men represent a higher percentage of hair loss in their lifetime, versus women, thinning hair and pattern baldness don’t discriminate. Men’s hair loss alone is a multi-billion dollar industry—$ 4 billion annually, to be exact. For many, the terror of looking in the mirror and realizing that premature hair loss is occuring is psychologically debilitating.

In a nutshell, a byproduct of the hormone testosterone, classified as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is the force behind driving hair loss and baldness. If the human body is sensitive to DHT, an excessive buildup in the hair follicle causes thinner, more fragile hair, often turning lighter in color. Over time, hair follicles will shut down and stop producing hair altogether.

Although it’s easy to say, “face it, hair loss happens,” hair loss is a genetic component of aging, a change to the body that alters our appearance, and creates insecurity at many different ages. The stigma of hair loss is real. So much so that when hair loss comes on unexpectedly, it triggers fear in people so strong that they become scared to be seen in public. Hair loss can be extremely distressing to a person’s social identity.

And while many hair loss treatments are available today, it can be just as defeating to be seen in regrowing hair stages as it is losing it. Before considering any hair loss treatment, consult with a physician. Here are a few tips to help encourage hair loss.

  • Avoid overprocessing and chemically treating the hair, and extended sun exposure.
  • Reduce stress – try yoga, or meditation
  • Consider a more protein-rich diet.
  • Consult with a professional such as an experienced hairstylist or dermatologist at the first signs of noticeably extreme hair loss.
  • Take Biotin-rich Folexin, a natural hair loss vitamin-packed supplement.

The Pros & Cons of Folexin

The pros of Folexin well outweigh the cons. This all-natural hair growth supplement is easy to order, affordable, and has so many great health benefits. Other than only being available to purchase online and containing soy, which could potentially be an allergen issue, Folexin is PRO for all the right reasons:


  • Folexin is safe for men and women.
  • Little to no side effects.
  • Many users saw results within the first 30 days.
  • Folexin is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.
  • Affordable, skip the expensive salon costs.
  • The abundance of Biotin – improved results.
  • Broad-spectrum nutritional supplement.
  • Quick absorption.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Folexin is only available as an online purchase.
  • Soy-based products may cause allergies for some people.
  • Some customers fail to see results until around six months. (Remember, be patient. Not all hair loss is the same.)

Final Thoughts on Folexin

Folexin users love the affordable price and speedy delivery. Others claim that the “product really does work,” and “Folexin is the best-kept secret” in hair loss treatments. 2 Folexin per day with food is easy to take, causes no significant side effects, and is “the real deal!”

Whatever end of the hair loss-hair replacement spectrum one finds themselves on, besides reaching for the latest and greatest hair restoration solution, have plenty of body and hair-positivity conversation. Get some hair loss education, along with an essential understanding of the biological and scientific elements driving the hair loss before whipping out the credit card and assuming the “next best” hair loss treatment will work. Setting clear expectations, knowing the risks, being patient, and having an open mind goes a long way.

After all, even though science backs up many of the therapeutic hair loss products, keep in mind that genetics usually wins the day. If a person is predisposed to male-patterned baldness or other types of alopecia, don’t be disappointed if the results of a hair loss treatment aren’t 100% in favor of new hair growth.

However, Folexin has shown great success for many suffering from hair loss. Folexin is also a great supplement, packed full of Biotin, a proprietary blend of herbs and filled with essential vitamins. Even if significant new hair growth isn’t evident in the first few weeks or months, the significant health benefits of side-effect-free Folexin is worth taking as a dietary supplement. Here’s to your health, and your hair!


  • Support for thick, strong, healthy hair.
  • Support for your hair’s natural growth process.
  • High-quality ingredients, third party tested.

[1] “Folexin – Official Store | Support for Healthy Hair Growth.” Accessed 24 Sep. 2020.


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