Indians are reputed for having long, luxuriant hair. What is the secret behind this? How do Indians maintain their hair without giving in to hair loss? We designed this article to unravel the secrets to their long hair in order for you to get some useful tips.

1. Rub Fingernails

Rubbing your fingernails is one of the easiest ways to grow a healthy hair. You can do this on an empty stomach or about 2 hours after taking your meal.


  • Curl your fingers to form a half fist.
  • Rub the fingernails of both hands together for about 10 minutes excluding the thumbs.
  • While doing it, you will experience a sensation from your fingernails to your scalp.
  • Do this twice daily.

Note: Don’t practice this during pregnancy or if you are battling high blood pressure

2. Onion Juice

This is one of the best hair treatments that can assure you of healthy hairs with good stamina. Sulfur is one of the major contents of onion and it boosts collagen production in the body.

The result of using its juice is an improved hair re-growth. For decades, Indians have been using onion juice to add beauty and stamina to their hair.


  • Chop the onions you want to use into pieces after peeling it.
  • Blend the onions and squeeze the juice out.
  • Apply the juice on your scalp for about 15 minutes.
  • When you are through, rinse your head with shampoo.
  • Do this 2-3 days in a week for best results.

3. Flip Your Hair Upside Down

This is also called inversion method. Many Indians who have used this method believes it can help your hair grow about an inch every week.

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To use this hair grow technique; turn your head upside down for about five minutes every day for a week. You can complement this by massaging your scalp with any oil of your choice. If you do this daily, you will see the effects on your hair within a couple of weeks.

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil contains minerals, vitamin E, and Omega fatty acids. It also contains ricinoleic acid aside its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. These properties make castor oil effective against dandruff, folliculitis, and scalp infections. The ricinoleic acid content ensures improved circulation of essential elements to the follicles for improved hair growth.


  • Apply castor oil to your scalp before bedtime.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Wash your head with shampoo the next morning.
  • Put a towel between your head and the pillow to avoid staining it with oil. You can also use a shower cap to serve the same purpose.

5. Eating Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for proper hair growth. They are also important for maintaining healthy and shiny hair. One of the important vitamins that you need is vitamin B that is present in Biotin and Niacin. You can also eat vitamin C that can be found in fruits and vegetables.

There you have it all, now is time to put everything you've learned here to test, i will also like you to come back and tell me the result later.​


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