Baldness can be congenital or acquired. In the first form, the symptoms may start in infancy. Here, we are referring primarily to the terminal type of hair that is found on scalp area. The development of scalp hair is slated to start in the ninth month of pregnancy. Later it covers the scalp completely before birth.

Congenital baldness can show in the form of spots on the newly born infant. It could be due to Autoimmunity which is non-scarring. Acquired alopecia can start in childhood and may proceed into adulthood, pregnancy, and postnatal period. It may also extend into menopause and afterward.

In this how to get hair on bald head naturally post, we shall look into all these stages and different types of alopecia in every stage.

How to Get Hair on Bald Head Naturally | Childhood Stage

Many forms of infant alopecia go away after the baby grows into a child at the age of three years. If it doesn’t change, you can think of some natural treatments such as:

1. Castor Oil: Castor oil is an antioxidant. It can clear the toxic elements from the child’s scalp and skin pores. That’s not all, it can also balance the sebaceous gland function and optimize sebum production. Castor oil contains a rich stock of amino acids, ricinoleic acid, calories, carbon fatty acids, and moisturizing ingredients.

It eliminates the fungus, dandruff, and infectious elements from the child scalp. If any of these factors have been responsible for causing baldness in the child, hair growth can start naturally since they are reduced or eliminated. Castor oil massage on the scalp can also cool the scalp and increase hair shaft density naturally. Moreover, it has no side effects.

2. Essential OilsEssential oils have the proven record of reducing childhood baldness and promoting hair growth. This is simply because:

  • They enable free circulation in the scalp
  • They eliminate oxidizing elements
  • They nourish hair follicles
  • They promote the formation of healthy collagen
  • They protect hair follicles from UV, heat, and humidity.
  • They provide nourishing proteins, vitamins, and micronutrients to follicles and hair matrix

Essentially, if the child scalp is free from genetic factors, essential oils can be very helpful.  Essential oils are also free from side effects unless the child is naturally allergic to them.

Young Adults Stage

1. Chinese Hibiscus: Chinese Hibiscus is a natural flowering plant. Extracts from its flowers and parts contain rich volumes of vitamin C, amino acids, anti-inflammation ingredients, anti-bacterial ingredients, and hair nurturing ingredients.

It can cure the problem from the root level. Interestingly, a combination of hibiscus flower, coconut oil, Indian gooseberry, and sesame oil can prevent baldness and help in hair growth.

2. False Daisy: False daisy contains poly-peptides, sterols, flavonoids, thiophene-compounds, and polyacetylenes. Poly-peptide contains a vast chain of amino acids. The numbers of amino acid residues vary between 50 and 2000. They contain insulin, proteins, and micronutrients.

Scientific research on False Daisy show vast improvement in hair growth after the onset of baldness due to non-genetic reasons. It can increase circulation in the scalp. Aside from that, it equally increases the tensile strength of hair — and can remove the toxic elements that get accumulated within scalp area. False Daisy is traditionally used in Indian herbal cure for baldness.

You can easily prepare the false daisy oil with the coconut oil, curry leaves, false daisy powder, hibiscus flower, and fenugreek seeds. Take equal proportions of all ingredients and blend them. Then add some more coconut oil and boil in low flame for five minutes. Then you let it cool to room temperature.

You can apply this oil on bald spots. Continue until you can see visible signs of hair growth. Generally, it should take about four to five weeks for hair growth initiation. You can continue using it to get better results. The recipe is known to work unless your baldness is genetic or acquired due to critical hormone disorders.

how to naturally get hair on bald head

Adults Stage

1. Caffeine Oil: Caffeine oil has the capacity to stimulate hair growth for almost every type of baldness. It can even give you solutions for Androgenetic alopecia in the acquired and mild forms. Additionally, it can penetrate deep into the hair follicles and regenerate them even when they are in the dormant stage.

The main benefit of caffeine is its inhibition of baldness syndrome due to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a derivative of testosterone. It has the capacity to provide strength to the dermis papilla, hair bulb, hair shaft, root sheath, and the rest of hair matrix.

It can prolong the active generation phase of the hair cycle and reduce the resting and shedding phase significantly. Caffeine oil also has the capacity to increase the hair shaft length and density and can eliminate the toxic elements on the scalp and enable bacteria and fungus free environment for the hair follicles to grow to their fullest extent.

Furthermore, it’s an antioxidant for increasing the healthy conditions of scalp and hair matrix. Caffeine oil is easy to prepare and use. You can prepare it at home using the cold press method. It is also called the coffee oil. You can use the roasted coffee beans, or a grinder to make coffee bean powder.


  • Add two or three cups of powder to an equal volume of olive oil
  • Mix well and store in a bottle for three weeks

Then you can use this oil for massaging on your bald head. You should preferably let the oil soak the scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes. Ideally, consistent home treatment for two to three weeks can produce visible hair growth on bald spots.

It is stated to be highly practical for both men and women. However, the other way to use caffeine on bald hair is to try caffeine base shampoo. It produces the desired results, though a lot slower than the oil. Caffeine oil is responsible for enhancing the hair shaft quality and hair texture. Your hair will feel a lot softer and healthy than before.

If you wish to have a considerable volume of hair on the scalp, you may need to use the hair oil for a minimum of five to six months consistently. Of course, the growth rate depends on the present health conditions of the scalp.

If you have any scalp or skin disorder for which you are taking medication or treatment, it is better to complete the prescribed duration before trying the caffeine oil. It is because of the probable negative interaction between the medication and caffeine ingredients.

The other forms of natural treatments include jojoba oil, castor oil, essential oils, and Indian Ginseng. Among them, the Indian ginseng can be considered to be the best. The alkaloid, flavonoids, and glucosides combination can repair most of the common defects on the scalp and hair follicles which cause baldness.

Many scientific studies and research works have proved the effectiveness of the herb to satisfy the average users practically.

Side Effects & Conclusion

Some of the ingredients and recipes in the above listing may be allergic to many types of sensitive scalp and skin. Therefore, you may have to consult your physician and get his advice before trying any of them.

Also, you should stay away from nicotine, reduce alcohol consumption considerably, and avoid any kind of steroids and conflicting drugs and medicines. Your physician can give you accurate guidance on how to get hair on bald head naturally by using the above-listed methods.


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