Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery

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Are you planning on undergoing hair transplant surgery because of your seemingly irredeemable hair loss and baldness? But hold it! You can’t walk into the operation theater without knowing what to expect or what the outcome of the surgery should be.

Undergoing hair transplant surgery is a right step in the right direction, no doubt. But there are questions you need to ask and get answers to before embarking on the journey. You don’t want to come out regretting your decision, do you?

What if it’s possible you could solve your hair loss problem without needing surgery?

Questions you must ask before settling down for hair transplant surgery

You don’t want to go into the theater like a robot. Do you? You need to ask questions and then go in as an informed man.

Well, here are the top 10 questions you must ask before undergoing hair transplant surgery.

1. What Are The Procedure Team Credentials?

Funny Enough, some procedure teams do not have a medical doctor. So, be sure you are going to be in safe hands before going ahead with the hair transplant surgery.

2. Will You Get a Full Medical/Laboratory Evaluation?

This question is necessary because an extensive medical/laboratory evaluation will help to determine the actual cause of the hair loss and what would best take care of the problem.

3. Do I Need A Referral, Or Any Special Papers?

Your health insurance may require you to follow the procedure. Make sure this is clarified with your provider.

In the course of your referral, every important thing that has been done for you in the past six months, including blood-work/lab-work would need to be included in the papers.

4. How Many Grafts Would I Need?

It is important you ask about the number of hairs per centimeter. Note that hair density and numbers vary by race and they reduce as one age.

In a situation where a man has complete male pattern hair loss, an extensive restoration may be needed. 

This may take up to eight thousand grafts in order to be able to get a density of forty-five grafts per square centimeters.

5. Can My Hair Loss Be Reversed Or Stopped?

Hair loss can be completely stopped in some cases. However, this depends on what is causing the hair loss and whether the evaluation is done early enough. 

The earlier the intervention the better the result.

6. What Is The Cancellation Policy?

You may be interested in knowing if your money would be refunded should you decide to cancel the procedure within a certain time-frame.

Always be sure whether or not this is possible.

7. How Much Would It Cost Me?

Everyone would love to take cost into account before proceeding with this kind of surgery.

Different individuals require different procedures. When more transplant are done, the tendency for the cost to be higher is there.

So, you must check if you are able to afford the cost of the procedure before committing yourself to it.

8. Do I Have To Completely Shave My Hair Before The Procedure?

You may also want to know if it is necessary to shave your hair before undergoing hair transplant surgery.

Of course, we know how much people value their hair. The question needs to be answered.

8. Do I Have To Completely Shave My Hair Before The Procedure?

You may want to know if the results you will get with curly hairs will be the same as in straight hairs.

8. Do I Have To Completely Shave My Hair Before The Procedure?

Will you get a permanent result when you go through the hair transplant surgery or will there be a relapse later on? This question is very important in order to know if it is worth your money or time.


Hair transplant surgery is important in restoring hair growth. However, because every procedure has its limitations, it is important to ask the above 10 questions and get concrete answers before going ahead with the procedure.

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